Amethyst cathedral geodes are the most unique gemstone created by nature. These beautiful
cathedral geodes come the Brazil-Uruguay border in South America. Each specimen is special whether
it includes extra-deep colored purple tones, citrine crystals or unique shapes such as the "whale-tail" shape.

We have hand chosen our most favorite amethyst geodes for you to choose from!

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UPDATED 12/15/2014



MUSEUM SPECIMEN. Weighs 61 lbs and measures 18 1/4" high x 11" wide x 9" deep. Very open and has beautiful calcite clusters inside. DARK amethyst! Feel the vibes! The other half is SCG837










This is the other half of SCG836 only bigger.MUSEUM SPECIMEN  Weighs 80 lbs and measures 18 1/4" high x 12" wide x 13" deep. Imagine both of these by the fireplace! Super dark with white calcite formations.













This majestic beauty is the other half of SCG603!  EXCEPT this one has some killer white calcite needle formation on the inside bottom. Weighs 55 lb  19" high x 10 1/2" wide by 9" deep.














A super unique amethyst geode weighing 55.37 lbs and measuring in at 19" tall x 8" wide x 8" deep. Agate rinds with gorgeous amethyst. This is the smaller geode of a pair. The other geode is SCG852












76 lbs












This beauty weighs 39 lbs and measures 18" high x 13" wide x 7 1/2" deep. This one has some GORGEOUS calcite crystals with metallic lines on the white calcite. A rarity!












This magnificent geode weighs 41.14 lbs and measures 18 1/2" tall x 10" wide x 6 1/2" deep. We call this "snowball" because it has a bunch of round amethyst clusters that resemble little snowballs. Really unique!




This geode weighs 56 lbs and measures 21 1/2 high x 11" wide x 8" deep. Has a gorgeous smoky-citrine color with kiler calcite needles at the bottom. Aslo has a agate rind.



Excellent color and a huge calcite crystal on bottom of interior! Weighs 62 lbs anbd measures 23 1/2" high x 10" wide x 6" deep.





This is a killer geode!
Neat shape and BIG crystals that are DARK! Weighs 55 lbs and measures 22" high x 13" wide x 6 1/2" deep.







Measures 19 1/2" high x 8 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" deep. Really nice calcite formations on both sides. Medium to dark amethyst larger crystals.














This is the other half of SCG845 and is slightly bigger. Weighs 83.3 lbs and measures 21 1/2" tall x 13" wide x 7 1/2" deep. Both would look excellent on a fireplace hearth..






A KILLER agate rind amethyst geode that is part of a pair. The other half is SCG846. This one weighs 67.40 lbs and measures 21 3/4" tall x 13" wide x 6" deep. A medium amethyst color and distinct agate rind!!













This majestic beauty weigh 48.50 lbs and measures in at 19" high x 10 1/2" wide x 7" deep. Nice size crystals. Excellent walls. This geode is a twin to SCG604.




















































































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