Amethyst cathedral geodes are the most unique gemstone created by nature. These beautiful
cathedral geodes come the Brazil-Uruguay border in South America. Each specimen is special whether
it includes extra-deep colored purple tones, citrine crystals or unique shapes such as the "whale-tail" shape.

We have hand chosen our most favorite amethyst geodes for you to choose from!

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CODE LargeAgate07
A really big agate geode! Gorgeous banding!

CODE  LargeAgate02

CODE  LargeAgate03
Beautiful colors with amethyst center.
Weighs 14 lbs and measures 9" accross. Is 4" deep and natural back- Is not cut on bottom.


CODE  LargeAgate04
Fantastic formation with white crystal center.
Weighs 14lbs and measures 8" accross.


CODE LargeAgate06
A flawless agate with superb banding and crystal formation on the interior! A Top shelf agate!



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